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Four Year Old Class

The four year old class is structured to prepare the children for success in Kindergarten. The children learn a great deal but also have lots of fun. The four year olds use the “Wee Learn” and “A-Beka” curriculums. Each week the children learn a new letter, number, shape, color, Bible story, and Bible verse. The children learn and master writing their names, recognizing letters and their sounds, recognize numbers in English and Spanish, recognize all shapes and colors, recognize color words, follow the line with scissors, glue things, and color in the lines. The children also learn to be independent by practicing tying their shoes, buttoning and zipping their clothing, and going to the bathroom alone. The children are able to show respect for adults and peers, use table manners, follow instructions and walk in straight lines in an orderly manner. The children learn songs for the upcoming programs that they will perform for their parents. In the four year old class we strive to have the children prepared to succeed in their Kindergarten experience.