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Toddler Room

The toddler class is a busy class. The children are moving around quickly and enjoy climbing and exploring their environment. In the Toddler class our teachers strive to teach the children how to be kind to others and play well with their friends. The toddler classroom has many toys and activities to provide learning and interactions with others. The toddlers also enjoy playground time where they can run and climb. During their time in the toddler class the children learn to recognize colors and shapes, share toys, color and hold crayons, work on hand eye coordination, know body parts, and know a few words. The teachers also offer letters and numbers to the children to learn, however at this age we don’t push hard. The children in the Toddler class enjoy their time playing, exploring, and forming friendships. They receive lots of love and in turn learn how to love their friends.

Toddler Class