The two year old class is a fun environment for the children to learn and play. The children in this classroom enjoy spending time with their friends. The children enjoy play time in their classroom as well as on the playground. On the playground the children get to run, jump, slide, and ride tricycles.  An important part of the two year old class is potty training. The teachers work with the children to provide as much support as they can during potty training. Over the year in the two year old class the children will learn to recognize letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The class uses the “Wee Learn” and “A-beka” curriculum. Each week the children will learn a letter, number, color, Bible story, and Bible verse. They will also start to speak in full sentences. They learn to color, know their body parts, and develop motor skills such as hopping, jumping, and skipping. The teachers also teach the children table manners.  Throughout the year the children learn important skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Two Year Old Room